[News Daily] “Victim” Confessed in Court for False Claims

The truth concealed behind the 10 year sentence of Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of Christian Gospel Mission (JMS)

<Part 2> Ms. Y falsely claimed herself to be a victim of sexual assault by Chairman Jung, but confessed the truth in court.

26 Feb 2010 12:57:13

Reports that raise suspicion over the verdict of the Supreme Court on Chairman Jung Myung Seok’s 10 year sentence are continually being covered in the monthly magazine, Minjeong* (February issue), BreakNews (a weekly magazine), Inside Story of Cases (February 28 issue), and other magazines. As a continuation of the article, <Part One> The truth concealed behind the 10 year sentence of Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of Christian Gospel Mission (JMS), regarding the false reporting by S Broadcast System, NewsDaily is writing an article about how Ms. Y had falsely claimed herself to be a victim of sexual assault but later confessed the truth in court as Part Two.

(Translator’s note: Minjeong means the civil administration in Korean.)

Mr. K took the initiative and held a press conference with four alleged female sexual assault victims of Jung, but the reality was different from the claims.

About the Ms. Hwang Case that was mentioned in part one of our article, Mr. K complained to Police Journal, “How come Ms. Hwang’s kidnapping case was only a simple assault case?” Mr. K is the leader of a major Anti-JMS group called Exodus.

On April 18, 2006, Mr. K put up four females who claimed they had been victimized by Jung and held a press conference. The reporters wanted to listen to Mr. K’s side of story since he claimed that he was working hard on the side of justice.

But a couple of questions were raised: Could females who were just raped actually hold a press conference? And on top of that, it wasn’t a conference with only one person but a group of four females altogether? Actually, it is very rare for bachelorettes who have just been raped to gather and hold a press conference. Also, one female who had left Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) joined the meeting with the victims from Exodus, yet she stated, “I don’t understand how those who were raped could share so boldly about their experiences.”

About this case, a sexual abuse counsellor, Ms. L, said, “Normally when females are severely shocked by sexual intercourse, the negative memories fade away after at least three to five years, and this is only if they receive proper therapy. But for a sexual experience that is not regular but is rape, which is sexual assault, the degree of mental trauma is immensely greater, so it takes far more time for victims to mentally recover. Therefore, it is very difficult for victims to boldly share in front of others what had happened to them within a few years. Especially when they are young and single, they try to make a complete recovery and normalize their lives again, so they try to minimize any negative stigma about themselves.”

The suspicion about the press conference was resolved mostly in the process of verifying the truth behind what Mr. K had claimed. At the time of the press conference, Mr. K. testified that the victims were injured severely to the point they could not even walk after the sexual assault and that they also discharged blood. However, checking the video records from a surveillance camera at the conference showed the victims smiling, so it was difficult to tell that they were victims at all, and the way they walked did not look the least bit uncomfortable.

The medical test results of the victims were negative, and Ms. Y confessed that she had committed perjury in court.

April 4, 2006 test results of Ms. B and Ms. Y who claimed to be the victims of Jung:

– The medical examination results from the Public Security of China: The hymen is intact. There are no signs of sexual assault or abnormality.

– The medical records from the Police Hospital: No damage to the hymen. No indication of sexual assault can be found.

– The National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory: Result of semen test is negative.

Furthermore, a crucial event that supported the test results occurred in court: Ms. Y who claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by Jung and filed the lawsuit with the others confessed that she had falsely testified and then dropped the charge. Ms. Y came out from court, holding her mother’s hand and completely denied her case while changing her testimonies made to the police and the prosecutor. The Justice Department warned, “If the witness testifies differently from the original reason behind the charge, the witness can face a penalty.” Nevertheless, Ms. Y confessed, “It is fine even if I face a penalty. In fact, I was not sexually assaulted at all. Ms. B, who filed the lawsuit with me, also hasn’t been sexually assaulted, but because Exodus bribed us, she falsified the suit and gave false testimony.” Then Mr. K from Exodus, who held the press conference with the four females claiming to be sexual assault victims of Jung, sued Ms. Y for falsely testifying.

The point that arouses the most suspicion from this case is Mr. K’s response. First, why did he lie at the press conference? Second, why did he sue Ms. Y who confessed the truth in court?

If Mr. K were a true hero of justice in a world full of injustice, all his actions would be easily understood. However, Mr. K’s lies are far from just. If Mr. K, who volunteered to be a spokesperson for the female victims, was not seeking justice, but in fact harboring a hidden agenda, then we should examine everything in detail and carefully discern what the actual truth is.

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