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It is now widely recognized that news media takes sides on stories.  We see that in stories about politicians, entertainers, political and social issues, and so forth. The media propels its own viewpoint and the masses are led to think alike. As readers, we are frequently swayed by the partisan approach of journalists, and for most of us, we just believe whatever we read. In fact, we enjoy it. Sometimes a story is so sensationalistic that we want to believe it for the sake of our amusement, even if common sense might question its accuracy. The reality is that we fail to see the big picture, or the real picture, and the subject of the news story becomes the object of ridicule and scorn. It’s rather an unfair business.

The media has definitely not held back on propagating its views on religion. Whenever a religious group falls into the media’s gaze, the story is usually along the lines of distasteful behaviour, sexual scandals, or superstitions. To people who have never heard of these religious groups, the inclination would be to just believe. After all, who can be bothered to do fact checking? That should have been the journalist’s responsibility.

Marginalized Religions

Over the last 15 years, news media around the world have published numerous stories about Providence and its founder, Jung Myeong Seok. You may have come across some of those articles in your online research. These articles are as sensationalistic as can be, and much of its claims are wildly false. Journalists did not dig deep to find the truth. They published false accusations and distortions after little or no investigation. Perhaps much of it is because of the media’s underlying prejudice against religion, and its disinterest towards the truth. In the end, Jung Myeong Seok and the members of Providence Church took the blow. These articles caused unjustifiable public scorn towards them for many years. The reality could not be further from the depictions of those articles.

This website sets the record straight by exposing the fabrications, showing a completely different reality.

This website is just the beginning, and it offers only a glimpse. With the passage of time, much more will be testified about Jung Myeong Seok and Providence Church. So keep watch.

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