Jung Myung Seok – 10 Remarkable Years

For the past 10 years, Pastor Jung Myung Seok was imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. Despite this, he continues to live an ascetic life of faith and show his abundant love for God behind bars. Unlike those who only speak words of faith fruitlessly, he preaches the Word through leading his life by example. He exhibits his unconditional love to God by dedicating his every action and entire life to the Holy Trinity. This is why people feel his faith is real.

In 2008, Pastor Jung Myung Seok , the founder and president of Providence Church, was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for alleged sexual assault. However, the ruling was based on no concrete evidence, discrepant and withdrawn verbal testimonies, and no trial by jury. At the time, the social climate surrounding the case consisted of dense media slander that created highly polarized opinions. Hence, his case stirred controversy in the legal community. The negative media broadcasts heavily skewed the verdict on Pastor Jung.  This caused a public outcry all over the world.

Recently, one of the world’s top-40 news magazines, South Korea’s Jeong-Gyeong NEWS (정경 NEWS), featured a story in their September 2017 issue discussing the injustice of the verdict. They called the case, a “shame to the Korean judiciary system.” They also confirmed that the media had fabricated their stories and consequently published correction statements and apologies. Regardless, Pastor Jung Myung Seok is now 72 years old, and he can never reverse those past 3,500 days.

Life behind bars

“Without having a heart of thanksgiving, I would not have been able to sustain until the end.” – Pastor Jung Myung Seok

At first, Pastor Jung Myung Seok was overwhelmed with agony from being wrongfully convicted. But he said, “I rely on thanking God countless times a day, in order to survive these difficult times.” Even though his situation is unbearable, Pastor Jung Myung Seok centres on God rather than on himself.  Displaying true selflessness, he worries not about his own well-being, but whether his case may cause church members to lose their faith in God.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok is confined to a tight jail space. But that does not stop him from praying ceaselessly for the salvation of all mankind. He has been praying for world realization and peace for over the entire past decade. Practicing true forgiveness learned from God, Pastor Jung Myung Seok has mercifully forgiven those who have wronged him. Some of these people wrote to him admitting they had betrayed him and stabbed him in the back. But he forgave each person, to the extent of even praying on their behalf, asking for God’s forgiveness.

Pouring out his love for God during darkness

Despite being in prison, Pastor Jung Myung Seok tirelessly displays even more love to God through his actions. He wakes up before one in the predawn to dedicate the first hours of his day to God. He stays in a small cell of only about 53 square feet, containing a simple toilet and faucet.

Day after day, he persists solely on God’s love. His only physical companion is a cricket within his cell. Truly, his drive to fulfill God’s greater Will is what fuels his determination.

Although his body is behind bars, he continues to lead a devout life of prayer. He converses with God from the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps.  Based on revelations from God, he delivers sermons from God’s living Word to over 300 churches around the world. He has done so every morning and for every service, without fail. These churches are what he has built together with God after he began missionizing nearly 40 years ago .

He diligently writes sermons and counsels church members through letters, to the extent of only sleeping 3 hours per day. He also continues to produce heavenly artwork, poetry, proverbs, and books about God, some of which have become bestsellers. In this way, he shares with the world all of his life-learned wisdom and teachings from the Holy Trinity. In 2013, Pastor Jung Myung Seok was awarded the National Seoul Literature Prize for his literary work despite imprisonment and the tribulations he faced.

Despite the fact that my body is imprisoned here, I have been able to do more for God.” -Pastor Jung Myung Seok

Overcoming the hardships of prison with a heart of love

Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s jail cell is stifling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. But defiant of the weather, he has never ceased to provide sermons and proverbs for every service held in church during these past 10 years. He has made the best out of his most adverse situation and has cherished every day with gratitude and love.

During this period of imprisonment, he has sent out approximately 70,000 letters to individuals all over the world. Within those letters, he advises church members about various life predicaments. He stacks so many letters and sermons in his tiny cell that he can barely straighten out his legs.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok prays daily for each person. He prays for peace in the world and for the security of all nations. He also prays for the history of God.

Furthermore, Pastor Jung continues to produce inspiring poetry, literature and over 170 original songs.  His writings and songs describe his journey with God. They talk about his stories with the Holy Trinity and God’s loving heart for humankind.

He exercises routinely to keep the body God gave him healthy and strong. In addition, he manages and organizes church charity events and community activities. He truly practices Mark 12:30: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

 “I entrust my true judgment to God.” – Pastor Jung Myung Seok

Regarding his 10-year sentence, Pastor Jung Myung Seok acknowledges that only God has true authority to judge him. He believes that God is just and governs the world with the truth.

Is he really a cult leader and criminal as proclaimed by the media? Examine his life, words, and actions, and then decide for yourself.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s victory in sacrifice

Has the media’s defamation of Pastor Jung Myung Seok and his 10-year sentence ruined the history of Providence?  No, in fact Providence has grown stronger than ever.

The now 72-year-old Pastor has given his ultimate sacrifice, powerfully demonstrating what it truly means to love God unconditionally. Through his persistent hard work, he has evangelized and spread God’s living Word to all over the world.

After the imprisonment of Pastor Jung Myung Seok , critics anticipated the end of the Providence Religious Movement. However, through Pastor Jung’s continued ascetic devotion behind bars, his active life of faith has touched the hearts of the general public. Providence membership has actually skyrocketed over the past decade to over 200,000 members in over 50 different nations. And it continues to soar even now.

This is how Pastor Jung Myung Seok has turned 10 years of injustice into 10 remarkable years of love for God.

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  1. When imprisoned, many people turn to depression or even give up on their lives. That’s when your true reality of thoughts is revealed. When you are on your own. But for Pastor Jung Myung Seok imprisonment didn’t pose an obstacle to the way he leads his life of faith. But even strengthened him so he worked with even more passion to fulfil God’s will. His story is truly an inspiring one and a life lesson for all of us!!

    1. Yes, you’re right, Georgie. When a person is faced with tribulations, it is then that his or her true character is revealed. His love for God didn’t stop even during times of suffering.

  2. The saying “Time will tell” is so true. In the case of Pastor Jung Myung Seok, the last 10 years have especially told a beautiful and inspiring story of how he has stayed true to the Holy Trinity and to himself, overcoming the slings and arrows of those who vehemently oppose and hate him without a proper reason.

  3. KnowJoy – well said! I think there is simply public misconception due to irresponsible journalism and certain media sources that simply post previous sensationalized articles without proper fact checking. And then there are people who antagonize and judge people without properly researching themselves… Then the same misconstrued ideas about him get propagated, generating the wrong impression.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know about the way he lives his life behind bars…
    Very inspiring. Most people don’t live their lives as dedicated to God as he does even when they have freedom, let alone when confined like that…

  5. How touching is this story. How much he loves God – Wow. Bless you and may you overcome all your tribulations together with the Holy Trinity.

  6. Pastor Jung Myung Seok is clearly innocent. His undying love towards the Holy Trinity is proof of how much he loves God and follows His Word, even when he is suffering. His actions speak loudly – A man like this could never do the horrible things that he has been accused of.

  7. Pastor Jung’s daily life of faith is really commendable. The amount of work he produced for Providence in the last 10 years does show his dedication in bringing more people to learn about God.

  8. How he lives his life is more reflective of whether he is a man of God than any public opinion or verdict. Complete respect for this man.

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