What You See Is Not Always The Truth


Today, on my way to work, I was searching for extraordinary things. Things that could really blow my mind. 

And… This is the image that I found.

The tip of an iceberg.


Do you notice anything weird about this photo?

Nope. Nothing weird, right?


You’re probably starting to wonder and question whether this is actually an iceberg or not.

Now, I am going to show you the miracle of editing.


Looks less skinny, but still don’t see it?


Ok, scroll down more.


Yes, there is a colour difference.

By the way, this is the true colour of the original image.

The very first image you saw was the image I edited by putting some filters on.

But you still don’t see anything odd, right? It still looks like an iceberg.



Ok, now I will show you the real, original image with no edits from me.


“A Tip of An Iceberg” – by Jorge Gamboa.

The image you see above, is the original image.

What can you see now?

A plastic bag.


Yes, it is a picture of a plastic bag.

This work is by the artist Jorge Gamboa, titled “A Tip of An Iceberg.”


At first glance, even with the original photo, you wouldn’t have been able to notice this was a picture of a plastic bag. Online, where I originally found this image, there were comments from people who still couldn’t believe it was a picture of a plastic bag. They were the people who did not scroll down to the very bottom of the image, where the truth was revealed.


Even with the original photo, people easily misunderstood.

But what did you think of the first and the second images I showed you – the image where I snipped the bottom half off and edited the photo by changing it white?

It looked even more like a photo of an iceberg. Right? You could not realise its true identity, a picture of a floating plastic bag.

Just like this, media can easily deceive you. You won’t even realise that you have been misled until you investigate. With a mere glance, you won’t know its true form. What you see in the media isn’t always the truth.


But why is this a problem?

Simple, here’s an example. As you are already aware, we are in the era of advanced technology.

The world of IT develops so quickly. Sometimes it is hard for some people to catch up or adopt it straight away. But because of this amazing technology, one can easily and quickly edit their photos or videos, like what I have done. To edit that one image it took me less than three minutes, which easily deceived you.


Isn’t that terrifying? Just like the picture of the plastic bag, technology can easily deceive you. So, before making any decision based on what you see on the media, it is important to check and investigate deeply.


What you see on the internet or the media is not always the truth.

So please be aware. Until you see the entire story, you will never know its truth.



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