Pastor JMS Jung Myung-seok Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison… Court: “Consistent Claims by Victims”

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Written by Kim Taekyun ( on December 23, 2023

Photo: Pastor Kim Dae-deok, Co-Representative of the Christian Gospel Mission, strongly protested against the verdict, stating that it disregarded even the constitutional principles of “presumption of innocence” and “proportionality in punishment.”

On the 22nd, the 12th Criminal Division of the Daejeon District Court, with Chief Judge Na Sang-hoon presiding, Pastor Jung Myung-seok of the Christian Gospel Mission was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Along with the prison term, the court also ordered a 10-year disclosure and notification of personal information, a 10-year restriction on employment in institutions related to children and adolescents, as well as facilities for the disabled, and the attachment of an electronic monitoring device for 15 years.

The Christian Gospel Mission strongly expresses its disagreement with the recent verdict. Pastor Kim Dae-deok, the co-representative of the Christian Gospel Mission, stated, “We had believed in a fair trial that would focus solely on the case, excluding any bias related to religious sexual offenses, and we approached the trial with sincerity.” He continued, “However, this verdict has undermined procedural justice in the judiciary and even disregarded the constitutional principles of the “presumption of innocence” and “proportionality in punishment.” He criticized the first trial ruling accordingly.

The Christian Gospel Mission’s stance is that they strongly regret the biased attitude of the trial panel, especially the fact that the trial began with an unclear concept of “brainwashing and incapacity to resist,” which goes against the principle of “proportionality in punishment,” and they have expressed their intention to appeal immediately.

Furthermore, in accordance with Pastor Jung Myung-seok’s teachings, they pledged to approach matters of force with peace and truth, firmly resist injustice, extend forgiveness for the penitent, and engage in a righteous struggle towards the future rather than dwelling on the past. They also expressed their commitment to clearing Pastor Jung Myung-seok’s name and becoming the Christian Gospel Mission that brings hope and fulfillment to society.

Elder Moon Eun-sang, representing the congregation council, asserted that in a situation where the accuser claims to have sold the original mobile phone containing the audio recording, even the files stored in the cloud, which can be considered copies, being accidentally deleted by investigators can be seen as a suspicious act of evidence tampering.

Photo: Pastor Jung Jin-sol emphasized that there is absolutely no doctrine within the Christian Gospel Mission that claims salvation is achieved through physical love, contrary to what is being alleged by the prosecution and the media.

Christian Gospel Mission’s Faith Star, Pastor Jung Jin-sol, expressed her sense of injustice regarding the misconception that Faith Stars are affiliated with sexual favors, despite this department’s unwavering commitment to serving God and Jesus Christ in a position similar to that of Catholic priests and nuns, without entering into marriage.

Pastor Jung Jin-sol stated, “As an adult, I came to know God through Pastor Jung Myung-seok’s teachings and voluntarily chose to live as a Faith Star, contrary to the claims that make it seem as if I had been brainwashed, which is not the truth.”

The Congregation Council also expressed strong regret over the heavy sentencing of Pastor Jung Myung-seok. Representative Pastor Kwak Dong-won of the Congregation Council stated, “We cannot accept an outrageously excessive sentence that goes against common sense. Our congregation will not stop crying out the truth until the allegations of sexual assault against Pastor Jung Myung-seok, who consistently claims his innocence, are clarified.”

Meanwhile, immediately after the verdict was announced on that day, Pastor Jung Myung-seok’s legal team determined it to be grounds for appeal and submitted an appeal document to the court within an hour.

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