About Jung Myung Seok

About Jung Myung Seok

Jung Myung Seok was born in 1945 in the village of Sukmak-ri (also known as Wolmyeongdong) in the Geumsan province of South Korea. He was born into an impoverished family at a time when Korea had only just been liberated from 40 years of Japanese occupation. Additionally, he was the third child in a family of seven children.

Jung Myung Seok is the founder of Providence Church, which started in South Korea from 1978 and has spread to over 40 countries. In addition to being a pastor, he is a poet, painter, composer, calligrapher, architect and soccer player. Also, he is renowned for his sermons, books, poems, artworks and music, in which he exalts the greatness and love of God. Jung Myung Seok established Providence Church in Korea on the foundation of absolute faith in the Holy Trinity.

His Teachings

From his early 30s, Jung Myung Seok has been teaching about the Holy Trinity and the Bible. The crux of what he has taught is that: faith means to treat God as real throughout everyday life and to put His Biblical words to practice and that salvation is achieved through believing in and loving the Holy Trinity. In essence, what he preaches is that God created people for the purpose of love.

His Trials

Providence Church grew rapidly beginning in Korea throughout the 80s and 90s. However, from 1999, the media made accusations of sexual misconduct against Jung Myung Seok. Nevertheless, for 10 years, no evidence could be produced to support those allegations. Mainstream media published those allegations without fact-checking. According to recent investigative reports, those allegations originated from a few people who sought to defame him, motivated by personal interests and greed. In 2007, he was held in prison for 10 months for investigation over their allegations. The result was that the allegations lacked substance and he was acquitted of all charges. Thus, the Chinese authorities agreed to his extradition to Korea.

In 2009, Jung Myung Seok was tried in South Korea and convicted to a 10-year sentence. There was a shortage of evidence to support the accusations.  The decision was made under much public pressure, fueled by negative media attention. The judge decided in alignment with that pressure.

Jung Myung Seok's Hometown - Wolmyeongdong
Speaking to the large crowds in Wolmyeongdong.

His Works

While imprisoned, Jung Myung Seok continues to testify to people about God. He writes sermons and proverbs every day, as well as, poems, letters and songs. Additionally, he prays every day for all people of faith, all nations, national security, politicians, the economy, the media, arts and culture, and injustices in the world.

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