Should you trust the Daily Mail about Jung Myung Seok?

The Daily Mail’s malicious article on CGM and Jung Myung Seok

On 19 May 2016, the Daily Mail published a sensationalistic piece of news about Christian Gospel Mission in Australia, making disturbing accusations on Providence and Jung Myung Seok on sexual matters.

The article is basically a rehash of Peter Daley’s accusations of CGM and Jung Myung Seok from 2006, and bases its source on the “expert advice” of Daley. (See article about Peter Daley’s so-called credibility, which also addresses all the accusations made in the news article itself)

“Anyone who has the slightest respect for truth should not read the daily mail.” – British writer

However, let us examine the reliability of the Daily Mail. How much should you trust it? In the online website, “Quora”, a British writer opined that the Daily Mail has ZERO credibility. He said that “if the Daily Mail says something is true, then I assume it is untrue.” And that “anyone who has the slightest respect for truth should not read the daily mail.” Another writer opined that the Daily Mail “is clearly a very partisan publication with editors who don’t mind lying or telling half truths, as long as it serves their purpose”

Wikipedia banned Daily Mail as an ‘Unreliable’ Source

In 2017, the Daily Mail became the first news agency to be banned by Wikipedia as a source. This was a rare move by Wikipedia and took place because Daily Mail’s reliability was so poor, and majority of wikipedia editors voted for its removal as a reliable source. Wikipedia still allows links to sources like the Kremlin backed news organisation Russia Today (RT), which means that the Daily Mail is even less reliable than RT, which is well-known for making fake news. What does this speak of the Daily Mail?

Why did Daily Mail publish about the CGM and Jung Myung Seok?

Given the Daily Mail’s palate for unreliable sources and sensationalistic news to increase its viewership, it is not surprising that it carried Peter Daley’s news about the Christian Gospel Mission and Jung Myung Seok. Regardless, Jung Myung Seok has continued to live a remarkable life during his 10 years in prison.

In this era where fake news seems even easier to believe than real news, we sincerely hope that the public can discern well on this issue and various other issues.

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