The Truth about Providence Teachings: Jung Myung Seok and Spiritual Brides

The Truth about Providence Teachings: Jung Myung Seok and Spiritual Brides

Recent news stories about Providence and Jung Myung Seok have made headlines saying Providence Church grooms members to be brides. But they are creating fake news by basing headlines on unreliable claims and testimonies. As a result, the news has misrepresented Jung Myung Seok as a womanizer.

Fortunately though, these statements are far from reality.  New stations like MBN and TV Chosun have made apologies to Jung Myung Seok for making false claims about him. In fact, Jung Myung Seok is a religious leader who focuses on spiritual relationships and not physical ones. You can tell by looking at the life he has lived during his 10 years of imprisonment.

Actually, the concept of brides stems from the Bible. Multiple parts of the Bible depict the relationship between God and believers as husband and wife (Isaiah 54:5) or bride and bridegroom (Revelations 21:2). The Bible enriches human relationship with God by using figurative speech like wedding banquet (Revelations 19:7).

Jung Myung Seok bases all his teachings on the Holy Bible. And many people believe that the Bible is an authoritative source that talks about God. It is a text that has served the fundamental tenets of Judaism (Old Testament) and Christianity. For anyone who has read the Bible in its entirety, referring to oneself as a bride of God is neither new nor controversial.

What is a bride of God?

What is a bride of God? This is where the misunderstanding lies. Love is the determining factor that defines the relationship between a bride and bridegroom. However, Jung Myung Seok does not teach about physical love. He teaches that love arises between the oneness between two hearts. In this case, he is referring to the unity of thoughts and deeds between God and man. This love is a metaphorical love of oneness between a husband and wife. So he is talking about a love in the mind. And this has formed the basis of his lifelong philosophy and teachings on spiritual love.

This is what makes God and people become bride and bridegroom. Jung Myung Seok has emphatically and repeatedly said that this love is worlds apart from sexual love. It is completely different.

These news headlines came about because the media misunderstood Jung Myung Seok. One of the biggest reason for this is because news stations aren’t interested in real Biblical principles. The reality is that Providence is made up of large groups of men, families, children and the elderly. They are all brides because they choose to love and live for the Holy Trinity. All of them cherish the same philosophy as Jung. Anyone who has seen and experienced the reality of Providence Church will know that the media has been indisputably wrong in its portrayal of Providence Church.


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