MBN Director Writes Apology Letter to Christian Gospel Mission

MBN Director Writes Apology Letter to Jung Myung Seok and the Christian Gospel Mission
MBN Director’s Apology Letter to Jung Myung Seok and the Christian Gospel Mission

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Document number: Official letter No.12
Recipient: Christian Gospel Mission
Reference: Pastor Ju Moon Ok
Sender: MBN News Station
Title: Apology letter regarding the statements related to Christian Gospel Mission

  1. We wish all the best to the Mission.
  2. We apologize for causing defamation to the Mission and affront to the members through the report, Fleeing to Taiwan after Sexual Assault Allegation, involving Chairman Jung Myung Seok in May last year.
  3. This resulted from simply quoting an erroneous report from another press. There was no other intention.
  4. Accordingly, MBN has deleted the parts related to the matter from the report.
  5. We promise, in the future, that we will verify the truth prior to reporting when releasing reports related to the Mission and Chairman Jung Myung Seok, and we will not use the name, JMS, without consent from the organization.
  6. The person in charge: Im Dong Su, the Head of MBN News Station, Social News Department 2

The Director of the News Station

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