[Contribution] Controversy Surrounding the Whereabouts of Professor Kim Do Hyung, Outspoken Critic of JMS

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JMS Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok

Controversy has arisen regarding Professor Kim Do Hyung, known as the “outspoken critic” targeting JMS Christian Gospel Mission Church (referred to as the “Mission Church”) and Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok (78), who are often mentioned in the press and on YouTube channels.

In March, Professor Kim mentioned on a broadcast that a church member named PD and an interpreter were employees of KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), but KBS stated through its investigation that they were not employees of the company. Additionally, it has been alleged that Kim Do Hyung has always been behind the lawsuits filed by women claiming to be sexual assault victims of Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok.

Professor Kim Do Hyung had submitted a letter of reflection to Pastor Jeong  Myeong Seok, demanding 2 billion won… Why was Cho PD the one to explain about it?

Recently, an apology letter to Pastor Jeong of Mission Church, that was written and notarized by Professor Kim Do Hyung, and a transcript of his 2 billion won request were released, causing a significant social impact. As a result, criticisms have emerged against Professor Kim Do Hyung, who had been praised as a hero until now.

MBC Producer Cho (Cho PD), who posted on a Naver café, has stepped forward to provide an explanation, while Professor Kim Do Hyung, the actual person involved, remains silent. Regarding this, the YouTube channel “Kang Yong Seok Night Live (KNL)” claimed, “Professor Kim Do Hyung, who used to appear frequently on broadcasts and write many articles, disappeared after we made the information public, and it was Cho PD who came forward with an explanation,” asserting that there may be some connection between MBC Cho PD and Professor Kim Do Hyung.

Why was Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok acquitted in China?

Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok received a 10-year sentence in 2009 and was released in February 2018 after serving the sentence. However, he is currently facing a preliminary trial on charges of sexual assault once again. Interestingly, there is a common figure who appears as the mastermind behind the lawsuits against Pastor Jeong. It is none other than Professor Kim Do Hyung. In April 2006 and March 2022, he led press conferences with the plaintiffs against Pastor Jeong.

Looking at the Ansan case in China in April 2006, which led to Pastor Jeong’s 10-year sentence, a person named Kim and another person named Jang accused Pastor Jeong of sexual assault in China. They filed a lawsuit on April 7, 2006, and on April 18, Professor Kim Do Hyung, the chairman of Exodus, led a press conference in Korea. During the trial, Jang made a conscientious declaration stating that she had falsely accused Pastor Jeong: “The evidence I submitted at the time of the lawsuit is false, and the lawsuit, press conference, trial preparation, and training camp were all planned under the direction of Exodus.” Although Jang withdrew her lawsuit along with her declaration of conscience, it was not reflected in the trial, and Pastor Jeong was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Before being extradited to Korea, Pastor Jeong underwent a 10-month investigation in China, but he was found “not guilty.” The forensic examination of the victims conducted by Chinese authorities stated, “There is no evidence of rape, and rape is not substantiated.” China thoroughly investigates and imposes strict punishments for various crimes, including sexual offenses. The reason Pastor Jeong’s sentence was not carried out is because the investigation results revealed “no charges.” Subsequently, the victims were also examined at a Korean police hospital, but no evidence of sexual assault could be found, and it was determined that their hymens were also intact or uninjured. However, it was revealed that these results were not reflected in the trial.

Chinese hospital test results for Ms. Kim and Ms. Jang

Results of the Chinese Public Security’s Martial Investigation of Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok

“Let’s meet at the broadcasting station”… The testimony of an informant reveals the truth behind the “Ansan, China incident.”

Recently, the testimony of individual B, who had stayed together with Kim and Jang in Ansan, China at the time of the incident for a taekwondo demonstration performance,  has also sparked controversy.

B was in charge of cooking at the accommodation during that time. When Kim came to the restaurant and found B alone, Kim suddenly burst into tears and said, “I was sexually assaulted by Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok.” Kim was someone whom B had known for a long time and regarded as an older sister, and she had been trying to evangelize B for the past nine years. B heard that Jang, who was Kim’s junior, had also claimed to have been sexually assaulted. So B asked Jang, “Hey, are you okay?” to which Jang responded in a startled manner, “I’m fine.” B mentioned that when Kim said she needed to go to Korea and asked for some money because she didn’t have any, B gave her all the money she had. Kim persuaded B to go to Korea together, but B told her to go there first. During their conversation, Kim said to B, “Let’s meet at the broadcasting station.”

Afterwards, B went from Ansan, China to Inner Mongolia and taught taekwondo there. It was only after watching a broadcast by broadcasting company A, which claimed that “Kim, Jang, and B were held captive,” that B finally understood the meaning behind Kim’s statement, “Let’s meet at the broadcasting station.” B stated that there was no instance of being held captive, and she felt angry and betrayed to see a broadcast that contradicted the truth. B said, “I realized at that moment: Without my consent, they had fabricated a false broadcast. The thought that they had planned everything for the broadcast gave me chills.”

During a press conference on April 18th, Professor Kim Do Hyung announced, “The women had suffered such a severe sexual assault that they had difficulty walking and experienced bleeding.” However, controversy arose when CCTV footage released in court showed these women smiling, making a V-sign towards the camera, and exhibiting no signs of discomfort, despite claiming to have been sexually assaulted the day before.

CCTV footage at the time was released in court. Even the day after the victims said they had been sexually assaulted, they were smiling on-screen with V-signs, and their gait did not look uncomfortable at all.

Upon their return to Korea on April 7th, Jang and Kim immediately filed a lawsuit, but Kim’s name on the complaint was written in Microsoft Word without a signature or seal. Additionally, the complaint included materials produced by Exodus, which had no direct relevance to the victims.

At the time when the Mission Church official met Professor Kim Do Hyung in court, Kim stated, “No matter what you do, Jeong Myeong Seok will never be able to return to Korea. During the investigation, there are people who are sick of even hearing the name JMS alone. There are even three senior-level prosecutors.” Kim further added, “If you give me 2 billion won in settlement money, the victims and I will jointly drop the lawsuits.”

He continued, “Professor Kim won’t do anything without the 2 billion won settlement money. You guys were calling the women and trying to meet them without me. You tried to negotiate with them in secret, but I caught you in the act and prevented it. Crazy bastards. None of you can meet the women without me. And these women are crazy too. Trying to make a settlement without me, Kim Do Hyung? No one can negotiate without my knowledge.”

There is controversy surrounding the claim that Professor Kim Do Hyung had demanded 2 billion won while making threats over the phone to the Mission Church.

2003 Hong Kong Mosquito Net Incident: “No Sexual Harassment Occurred”

The July, 2003 “Hong Kong mosquito net incident” video is a frequently used video in criticizing JMS on the internet, media, and broadcasting. It is often used whenever there are issues related to sexual investigation of JMS female members. However, the actual situation is different from what is widely known, as the video was provided by Professor Kim Do Hyung, who was the head of Exodus at the time.

“The location itself is an open space where people can pass through, and it is by no means a place where such things can happen. I can say with certainty as a witness because I was actually there” —Testimony of Japanese member Ms. Shiraiishi Mina

According to the testimony of Japanese member Ms. Shiraiishi Mina, in the summer of 2003, when a Japanese member who was experiencing difficulties due to familial persecution went to receive prayer from Pastor Jeong, Mina accompanied her as an interpreter.

Mina stated, “After the early morning worship, while we waited for our meeting in the hot weather, Pastor Jeong took pity on us foreigners and suggested that we cool off in the outdoor swimming pool nearby.” She further explained, “We changed into swimsuits and swam in a small inflatable pool that could barely accommodate two people.” She continued, “After his meetings, Pastor Jeong also swam by himself to cool off and came out wearing casual clothes.” She added, “The meeting place was a location with many trees, which was refreshing, but there were many mosquitoes, so mosquito nets were set up. It was a place where Pastor Jeong often wrote and worked.”

She continued, “While entering the mosquito net area to have our meeting, suddenly, a man dressed in black clothing like a Japanese yakuza and two other men accompanying him approached us, cursing and holding video cameras.” She explained, “When they tried to focus the camera on the Japanese members, Pastor Jeong grabbed the camera lens with his hand, and the two men started assaulting Pastor Jeong.” She added, “Pastor Jeong was in a state where he only shouted loudly, ‘Why are you hitting me?’ without retaliating and just taking the hits.”

The location of the mosquito net area was across from the backyard of the house where Pastor Jeong was staying, and it was an open space visible from other nearby houses, where people would actually pass through. At the time, broadcasting company A had also reported that Pastor Jeong caused sexual issues by inviting people over and leading a luxurious lifestyle in a Hong Kong mansion, but that is not true. The place where Pastor Jeong stayed was not a luxurious mansion, but rather a townhouse or villa-level residence.

The Hong Kong residence where Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok stayed in 2003

Questions are raised as to why the Exodus members, who are opponents of JMS and led by Professor Kim Do Hyung, who has stayed hidden for days, couldn’t capture any critical scenes they desired. Furthermore, even in the recorded footage claiming to have captured the scene, there were no critical moments. Additionally, according to the testimony of Japanese member Ms. Mina, Pastor Jeong covering the camera with his hand was a justifiable act of self-defense.

At that time, Professor Kim provided this footage to broadcasting company A. Moreover, he also provided it to Producer Cho at MBC broadcasting company, who exposed the same footage in the Netflix documentary “In the Name of God,” portraying Pastor Jeong’s “inappropriate behavior” inside the mosquito net area and glorifying the scene of assaulting him as if they were avenging evil. Through this, they stigmatized Pastor Jeong as a leader with sexual issues and labeled the Mission Church as a socially problematic anti-social group.

Elder of the Mission Church Submits Petition to the University: “Revoke Professor Kim Do Hyung’s Professorship”…

On May 25th, Elder A, affiliated with the Mission Church, submitted a petition to the university where Professor Kim Do Hyung is employed. In the petition, Elder A stated, “Professor Kim Do Hyung, through the Netflix documentary ‘In the Name of God’ and various media interviews, made unfounded statements without verifying the facts. These actions have caused numerous members of the “Christian Gospel Mission” to suffer unimaginable psychological shock and have affected their normal economic activities due to doxxing.” Elder A strongly requested, “We urge the revocation of Professor Kim Do Hyung’s qualifications, whose conduct has been consistently based on falsehood.”

Elder A, who submitted the petition by mail, attached various pieces of evidence related to Professor Kim Do Hyung and requested an investigation. As insight about Professor Kim, such as acts of violence, threats, and his demand for 20 billion won, etc. continue to emerge, there is growing interest in what conclusion the university will reach regarding Professor Kim’s actions.

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