The Truth about Providence teachings: Jung Myung Seok and ‘Spiritual Brides’

Providence teaches about spiritual love

Recent news stories about Providence and Jung Myung Seok have made headlines out of claims that members of the Church are groomed to be ‘brides’ for its leader. This led to the misreporting of Jung as a religious leader who is a womaniser. Fortunately, the reality is very different from these news stories.

The concept of ‘brides’ stems from the Bible. Multiple parts of the Bible depict the relationship between God and people as ‘husband and wife’ (see Isaiah 54:5) ‘bride and bridegroom’ (see Revelations 21:2) and enriches it with imageries such as a ‘wedding banquet’ (see Revelations 19:7). This is the Holy Bible, the authoritative text, that served as the fundamental tenets of Judaism (in part) and Christianity. For anyone who knows the Bible, referring to oneself as the bride of God is neither new nor controversial.

What is a ‘bride’ of God? This is where the misunderstanding lies. The bride-bridegroom relationship is defined by love. Jung has taught that love comes from a oneness of heart, thoughts and deeds between God and man that is metaphorical of the oneness between a husband and wife. This is the love that has become his lifelong philosophy and it’s called ‘spiritual love’- a love that is of the mind  This is what makes God and people become ‘bride’ and ‘bridegroom’. Jung has emphatically and repeatedly said that this love is worlds apart from sexual love; it is completely different.

These news headlines came about due to misunderstandings by the media, and a disinterest in real Biblical principles. The reality is that Providence is made up of large groups of men, families, children and the elderly. They are all brides because they chose to love and live for the Holy Trinity, cherishing the same philosophy as Jung’s. Anyone who has seen and experienced the reality will know that the media has been indisputably wrong in its portrayal of Providence.