MBN News Apologizes for Defaming Jung Myung Seok

[Correction Report] Resistance to investigation by a religious group… religious sect leader’s ‘overseas escape’

Christian Gospel Mission informed us that the content broadcast on May 15, 2014 “As the fact that Christian Gospel Mission, so-called JMS, President Jung Myung Seok called himself the Messiah and raped numerous female followers, became known, it surprised the world. When the prosecutor’s investigation began, Jung fled the country and was on the run in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for almost 10 years.” is not the truth. Therefore, we correct that this statement is not true. I apologize for the fact that we have defamed the honor of President Jung Myung Seok of Christian Gospel Mission and the members

Translated into English from original source: http://www.mbn.co.kr/pages/news/newsView.php?news_seq_no=2165825

MBN News correction
MBN News original source article in Korean

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